Treks and Adventure in Solomon Islands

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Treks and Adventure in Solomon Islands

Treks and Adventure

Solomon Islands is an adventure not to be missed. Raw, untouched, natural beauty, rich diversity of flora and fauna and unique cultures waiting to be explored.

There are a number of inland treks that will take you to waterfalls through rainforests and visit villages. A guide or seeking advice first is usually essential for such trips.

Walking is a great way to explore the Solomon Islands. You will get to experience real traditional villages, away from all the infrastructure in town. Walk through tropical surrounding, with wild flowers, singing birds, and dragonflies. Hike up to waterfalls and enjoy a cool swim after walking.

On the coast you can wonder the bright sunlit coral atolls or trail along rugged volcanic islands. Some mountain terrains includes volcanoes, active and extinct.

Tinakula in Temotu Province, is the most active volcano here hikes for the more adventurous can be done, walking up the old lava flow. Or in Kolombangara, Western Province, hike up the majestic peak.

The Solomons have mountains too! Trek through the humming tropical jungle teeming with colourful birdlife not seen anywhere else in the world. Tread quietly amongst mosses and wild orchids high in the cloud forest. Cool off under a thundering waterfall.

Stay at community owned eco lodges and you’ll experience ancient traditional rituals, contemporary village life and a warm local welcome. These people care deeply about their environment and will help make your stay in the Solomons incredibly rich and special.

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