Papua New Guinea

July 17, 2017

Snorkeling in Papua New Guinea

It is inarguable that diving in Papua New Guinea is a leading market for tourists. Similarly, when visiting this exquisite paradise, one cannot deny that snorkelling is just as exciting. Buka, the provincial capital of the formerly known North Solomons has great fishing, swimming and snorkelling in the clear waters of the Buka Passage. In Manus, most of the north coast is bordered with a reef. It has excellent visibility, and a huge variety of corals, fish and wartime wrecks.
July 17, 2017

Kayaking in Papua New Guinea

The water surrounding the coastline of the mainland Papua New Guinea and the close to 600 different islands of Papua New Guinea provide a more unique and scenic kayaking experience than any other. The beauty you witness when kayaking in Papua New Guinea will take your breath away. There is no better way to explore the different islands of Papua New Guinea than through the various kayaking journeys that can take you to the more remote and uninhabited islands.
July 17, 2017

Cruising in Papua New Guinea

The wonders of Papua New Guinea never cease to impress even the well travelled. Offering a multitude of ideal boat cruising experiences, there is no better way to explore a country where little has changed over centuries. Rich in culture and ethnic diversity, Papua New Guinea promises to reward cruise enthusiasts with unforgettable sights and sounds.
July 17, 2017

Fishing in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s fishing grounds have always been protected by the ever-changing tropical climate, keeping its secret from intruding anglers. It is only recently that fishing enthusiasts have discovered that Papua New Guinea is teeming with isolated fishing grounds and untouched rivers, offering the some of the best lure in the world. In dense jungle rivers, our world renowned champ, the mighty ‘lure shy’ Papua New Guinea Black Bass, will challenge any intruding angler who attempts to toss their trespassing lures in its habitat.
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