New Caledonia

July 17, 2017

Shopping in Noumea, New Caledonia

Nouméa is a city that will seduce you. Both modern and eclectic, the capital city is imbued within the sweet Pacific life and Oceanic values. It’s also concentrated with small shops and more well-known brands. Enjoy a shopping day followed by a spa or a drink on a terrace to unwind. Shopping in the city center – two streets host most of the shops appreciated by those who love French fashion: Rue de l’Alma and Rue de Sébastopol. Small fashion and custom accessory shops can be found there, but brands such as Mango, Guess, Etam, Okaïdi and even Apple also have shops on the street. The neighborhood of Alma features several high-end pret-à-porter boutiques such as Adresse 33.
July 17, 2017

Hiking in New Caledonia

For sure, the size of the Caledonian lagoon invites you to explore and appreciate the mysteries and natural splendor of the sea. However the Caledonian archipelago also calls for you to discover its land! Put on your hiking boots and a comfortable outfit and get ready to explore a region of the world that is still partly unexplored. Walk with an open heart – on the paths of the Gouaro Deva natural reserve, between the century old majestic trees of the Blue River Provincial Park, in the twists and turns of the Great Ferns Park, climbing the slope of Mont Panié in the Northern Province, the highest peak of New Caledonia with its 1629 meters… Every walk or hike that you might want to take will offer you moments of intense joy, unexpected encounters with surprised Cagous, or surprise in front of plants that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Take a walk and be enriched.
July 17, 2017

Outdoor Activities in New Caledonia

Forget about indoor activities: year round, New Caledonia offers ideal conditions for activities in nature, on land or on the water, in order to work of your energy or just to have fun. In this land of nature and adventures, be a part of the action, we’re waiting for you! A land of nature and adventures -nature, from tree to tree. Discover the land of New Caledonia from a new angle: from above! From the treetops, in complete safety, multiple activities allow you to survey the dense vegetation that extends towards the sky. Over the years, jumaring up trees has become a form of play and a popular activity; zip lining offers you the chance to take wing and leave the ground for a lyrical flight into the sky; tree climbing has also developed as a marvelous way to become acquainted with beautiful and majestic plants.
July 17, 2017

Golf in New Caledonia

As the lovers of the small white ball know well, the pleasure of golf is to be found both in its technique and in the environment where it takes place. New Caledonia has embraced this and with four 18-hole courses, possesses facilities with a variety of strong points and features. This just multiplies the pleasure of golfing and discovering the courses. Jewels of nature – from Tina to Déva, from Ouenghi to Dumbéa, Caledonian golf courses are first of all incomparable sites. Jewels of nature, each with an identity of its own, but always in a privileged environment. At Dumbéa, the course follows the river, while at Déva and Tina, playing certain holes; nothing keeps you from gazing at the Pacific Ocean. Lastly, at Boulouparis, the soft valleys of the course invite you to walk just as much as to play golf.
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