Marshall Islands

July 16, 2017

1918 Typhoon Monument in Marshall Islands

Typhoons are quite rare in the Marshall Islands, but in 1918 a big one struck the southern atolls and Majuro was especially damaged. The typhoon caused over 200 causalities and widespread destruction. The 1918 Typhoon Monument, a large sandstone upright on the lagoon-side dirt road at the end of Laura, commemorates the victims of the typhoon and pays homage to the Japanese Emperor for his generous contribution of private funds for rebuilding Majuro.
July 16, 2017

Peace Park Memorial in Marshall Islands

Located just past the airport towards Laura, this memorial park constructed by the Japanese government commemorates the soldiers who fought and died in the Pacific during WWII.
July 16, 2017

Tobolar Copra Processing Plant in Marshall Islands

The first real economic mainstay of most Pacific Islanders, including Marshallese, was copra production (copra is the dried out meat of coconuts). Today, copra production remains an important source of income for locals and at the Tobolar Copra Processing Plant, you can see copra made into coconut oil, soaps, body oil, and coconut feed. For a quick tour call 625-3116 and email
July 14, 2017

Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm

Visit Ocean Reefs and Aquariums (ORA) coral and giantclam holding and raising facility, which features a number of different species and sizes of giant clams (for the aquarium market). Call Mr. Provan Crump at (692) 455-7228.
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