Sailing in The Islands of Tahiti

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Sailing in The Islands of Tahiti

To truly experience the awe of The Islands of Tahiti, nothing beats approach them from the sea. Feel the transition from the deep, untamed royal blues and rolling waves of the Pacific to the welcoming hues of a quiet, hushed lagoon. Follow the trail of flower-scented air that announces the land long before you see it. Then, watch these magical islands rise, enchanted, from the horizon. Pause to recognize the moment when you realize you’re not dreaming – these are The Islands of Tahiti.

Water Activities

Floating atop the water playground of the lagoons, each ship offers unending activities for couples and families. A sample of daily activities include jetskiing, windsurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, canoeing, diving, shark feeding, and snorkeling. Hop on a glass-bottom boat to explore a lagoon or even charter your own catamaran or powerboat for the day.

Shore-side Activities

Surrounded by lush-green peaks, each island welcomes exploration by 4×4 safaris to dramatic overlooks, circle-island tours stopping off at fruit-tasting shops and historic sites, independent trips for shopping or walking through the villages, or guided hiking trips into the mountains for an overview of the land and ocean.

Unique Events

The Polynesian islands abound in sights, sounds, and experiences found nowhere else on earth and are easily discovered by cruise or yacht charter travelers. By day, live out your South Pacific fantasy when you anchor at a tiny motu for an afternoon of relaxation and fun. Or enjoy personalized tours of the historical and cultural sites hidden on each island. By night, enjoy the best Tahitian performers for elaborate and romantic displays of music and dance.

Checklist for the Perfect Sailing Experience:

  • Trade winds are predictable and weak to moderate most of the year.
  • Inter-island sailing is short and voyages can include multiple islands and atolls.
  • Virtually every island and atoll has an 80ºF (27°C) neon-blue lagoon.
  • Lagoons are calm and protected with many anchorages.
  • Passes are wide, have weaker currents, and feature beacon systems.
  • Supplies are easily found at island markets, marinas, shops, and food stands of fisherman and farmers.
  • Safety is a part of the islands’ ocean culture with a permanent VHF maritime radio channel, daily meteorological reports, emergency services and medical evacuations.
  • Choices among many expert charter companies.
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