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There are many different ways to enjoy the south pacific. Come and be inspired by the culture, the nature, the creativity and adventurous spirit.

American Samoa

You have searched the world for a vacation spot that is undiscovered and off the beaten track and you will find it in American Samoa. For here is a holiday destination like no other in the Pacific.

American Samoa is a tropical paradise with 90% of our islands covered in untouched tropical rainforest and unique flora and fauna.

Cook Islands

In our Islands’ we say Kia Orana. It’s our greeting; hello, but it also expresses a wish that you may live a long and healthy life. It’s a sentiment easily understood in our beautiful Cook Islands, for ours is a nation of warmth and relaxation. Life here is good, delicious food is plentiful and we’re surrounded by unparalleled beauty. We can’t wait for you to join us so that we may say Kia Orana in person.


Often referred to as the ‘Crossroads of the South Pacific’ because of its geographical location, the Fiji Islands is a hospitable land of contrasts in people, flora, fauna and culture.

It is home to people who have been called the friendliest on earth. Fiji consists of 333 mountainous islands of volcanic origin scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

Kingdom of Tonga

Journey back in time to experience the Kingdom of Tonga’s authentic and compelling mix of centuries- old culture, history and traditions. Understand why Tonga’s relaxing combination of uncrowded, unhurried and undiscovered is the “True South Pacific”. Experience a monarchy unique in the South Pacific, and a generous and genuine welcome from the people of the nation dubbed the ‘Friendly Isles.’


The 33 island nation of the Republic of Kiribati is one of the remotest destinations in the world situated truly at the heart of the Pacific Ocean where the Equator and International Date Line meet. Scattered across the central Pacific, Kiribati is the only country in the world that is situated on all four hemispheres of the Earth – northern, southern, eastern and western.

Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands covers nearly a million square miles of coral atolls, islands and deep Blue Ocean and is one of the most unique places in the world to visit. As the capital atoll of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Majuro houses the central government, most of the country’s businesses, and an estimated 50% of the country’s population. Indeed, this is the country’s most developed and urban atoll.

Federated States of Micronesia

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New Caledonia

Some people have likened this sophisticated French Territory to the French Riviera transported to the South Pacific. With its Parisian designer boutiques, duty free shopping, fine dining and high concentration of Europeans, it does have a distinctly international feel. Grande Terre, the island on which the capital Nouméa is situated, is where everything happens. It covers a 400km long area from north to south and is 50km wide from west to east. Surrounded by a 1,600km long coral barrier reef, New Caledonia has the largest lagoon in the world (24,000km2).


Niue offers a range of activities and attractions, especially for nature lovers. Water activities are among the highlights of a visit to Niue. Snorkeling and swimming areas at the Limu Pools and Matapa Chasm offer a gentle introduction to the marine world. Some of these spots are so beautiful that they used to be reserved exclusively for Niuean Kings.

Set in a relaxing tropical environment, it is a soft adventure and ecotourism paradise. Immerse yourself in the culture of the country or partake in world class diving, fishing, walking, caving and much more.


Palau becomes the first nation in the world to ban commercial fishing and become a giant marine sanctuary the size of France. Palau “We have no choice – the ocean is our way of life,” says President Remengesau. “It’s our livelihood, it’s our culture, and it’s our economy.”

The Republic of Palau is officially part of the 250 island group comprising the Federal States of Micronesia and a pristine archipelago rated as one of the world’s best diving destinations by scuba aficionados.

Papua New Guinea

Towering mountain peaks, lush , fertile valleys, golden beaches, sparkling coral islands and some of the best diving locations in the world. Papua New Guinea is a country of wild beauty, of breathe taking landscapes and of fascinating flora and fauna.

Papua New Guinea is a country rich in natural resources but its wealth of tradition, beauty and history is unparalleled in the Pacific.


Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environments to explore – from the rain-forest covered rugged volcanic mountain peaks of the two main islands to the vast valleys leading down to a coastline ringed with a necklace of white sandy beaches. Within these lush green fertile valleys grow banyan trees towering above the rain-forest canopy, full of tropical blooms and numerous varieties of vegetation.

Solomon Islands

Soaring mist in shrouded mountains preside above dense, abundant rain-forest, waterfalls and rivers cascade to an intricate coastline. Here the villages and sun soaked golden beached fringed with coconut palms lie scattered around lazy lagoons. This is indeed a diver’s paradise and an eco-tourism destination that’s unspoiled, unhurried and totally unforgettable.

The setting for some of World War II’s most fierce and bloody battles is today home to one of the most natural and peaceful races in the South Pacific.

The Islands of Tahiti

The Islands of Tahiti. The word evokes visions of an island paradise, exotic days, romantic nights and South Sea adventure. The Islands of Tahiti exude a power of life that makes every experience in these islands unforgettable. The Tahitians’ call this power, Mana. And, you will feel it ripple up your spine the moment you step off the plane, and it will fill your soul, you will taste it and smell it in the air. Once you’ve experienced The Islands of Tahiti, it will flow through your veins forever.

Timor Leste

The island of Timor has a long, proud history and a rich culture built over centuries. It has been referred to by some as the “cultural funnel of the East”, for the many different ethnic influences which have contributed to the island’s development.

The most easterly district of Timor-Leste, Lautem has a wealth of natural and cultural attractions within the Nino Konis Santana Marine and Terrestrial National Park.


If all you want is to disappear, relax under a palm tree and not be bothered by anyone with fewer than 1000 tourists a year, Tuvalu is the place to be.

Tuvalu is one of the world’s smallest (total land area of just 26 km2 and a population of just 8,000) and most isolated island nations. This unspoilt corner of the Pacific offers a peaceful and non-commercialised environment that is ideal for rest and relaxation.


Discover What Matters

Vanuatu is like stepping back to another place and another time. A time when water was pure, and food was from the village. The smiles are warm and genuine. As soon as you arrive you’ll forget the world you left behind and experience a place that is unforgettable.

Across the 83 islands in the archipelago, the Ni-Vanuatu speaks approximately 210 different dialects.

Wallis et Futuna

Located in Oceania, the islands of Wallis and Futuna are the most distant French territory of the metropolis. They are located in the South Pacific, between the Fiji Islands 280 km west of Futuna. The Samoa Islands 370 km east of Wallis and the Tonga Islands, 400 km southeast of

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