July 18, 2017

Kitesurfing/Surfing in Tonga

Don’t expect to come to Tonga and take it easy, all day, every day. The Kingdom’s True South Pacific vibe and languid tropical climate certainly promotes an unhurried approach to life, but more adventurous holiday activities are also on offer, in the emerging adventure travel hub of the Vava’u group and the beautiful Ha’apai group of islands. Explore both island groups sheltered waters and scattered, untouched islands on a self-drive jet kayak, skimming across cobalt waters and coral reefs at an invigorating 30 km per hour. Harness the Kingdom’s dependable trade winds to kiteboard amid sheltered and uncrowded lagoons and atolls, getting a unique perspective on Tonga’s pristine landscapes.
July 18, 2017

Snorkeling in Tonga

A popular activity in the Kingdom on Tonga is snorkelling; it’s easy to do for all age groups. No complicated gear on your back, just a snorkel, some flippers and away you go. Tonga is renowed for crystal clear waters, a huge variety of tropical fish species and coral. For first time snorkellers there are plenty of guides around to assist you. The water temperature is always very pleasant; you don’t even need a wet suit.
July 18, 2017

Fishing in Tonga

Tonga has a reputation as a hot game fishing destination – a paradise all-year round. Troll Vava’u’s crystal clear waters for Blue, Black or Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-mahi, Big Yellow Fin Tuna and Wahoo. Cast jigs or poppers for predators like Blue Fin and Giant Trevally. Virtually all species of tropical fish frequent Tongan waters, and with its vast areas of reef structure, drop offs, canyons and seamounts, as well as several offshore F.A.D’s, every angler can experience a smorgasbord of tropical fishing.
July 18, 2017

Diving in Tonga

The Tongan archipelago consists of 176 islands, roughly the same number of marine species divers encounter in their first hour exploring the Kingdom’s coral reefs, caves and crystal clear waters. With sea turtles, manta rays, tuna, marlin and wahoo combining with even bigger creatures like whale sharks; Tonga is a destination with underwater thrills on a truly grand scale.
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