July 17, 2017

Snorkeling in Palau

Palau’s cobalt drop-offs, prisms of colorful coral reefs and virtually limitless variety of sea life in this tropical paradise wow snorkelers, from beginners to experienced, with over fifty existing sites, each different from the next. Snorkeling is year-round in Palau and during the busiest season from January to April, spectacular sights such as migratory whale sharks passing by, sharks or mantas mating, and large schools of fish spawning can be seen.
July 17, 2017

Diving in Palau

Palau is where divers can have it all, more sea life and shipwrecks than other island destinations, and an incredible 400 species of reef-building hard corals and 150 species of soft corals, gorgonians, and sea pens, Palau also has at least 1,450 species of reef fish. There are over 60 dive sites, as well as 60 sunken ships and aircraft, reminders of the titanic battle fought here during World War II.
July 17, 2017
Village show day in Niue

Village Show Days in Niue

Every month throughout the year each Niuean village has their annual “Village Show Day” which is a typical Niue ‘Food and Arts Festival’ day. A fantastic day out for friends and families and one that visitors thoroughly enjoy. This is the main day for each village to showcase their amazing talents through creative hand crafts and embroidery displays, locally grown produce and making some extra cash through food stalls, games and competitions. The wonderful array of crafts and local produce are judged for prizes and sold very quickly. It truly is a wonderful day out for everyone and it just gets better and more creative every year.
July 17, 2017
Niue watersports

Watersports in Niue

There’s much fun to be had on and in Niues crystal clear waters. Apart from ever-popular snorkelling, diving, whale-watching and fishing, Niue also offers a range of alternative water activities. These include: – Underwater scooters – letting riders explore the reef edge on snorkel or scuba, either going deep underwater or just cruising on the surface.
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